Honortech International Limited, is a fast developing high-tech company, Global R & D Center and Marketing Department in Shenzhen, Headquarter in UK , Branch offices in HK, Malaysia, Taiwan, Suzhou, and Harbin.
We are dedicated to provide the design service such as attitude measuring system, medical endoscope and so on. Our service and projects has won good reputation in many fields.We got the ISO9001 certificate on June, 2016, that means a new stage towards customers' satisfaction .
   In the same time, we have complete development progress to provide customer the integrated solution of high-performance hardware platform .
   We also provide components distribution service such as shortage sourcing and cost saving with strong brands of MICROCHIP、ADI、INFINEON、MURATA、TDK、SASMSUNG, We got the franchised lines of MARUWA , WAGO, PHOENIX, SCHURTER ,FSP, XP POWER, L-COM , SUMIDA, CHILISIN,HUADA ,ACE,In 2018 ,we got the new lines of HD mcu andNce mosfet. In 2019 ,we got the new of product line 3peak

    Honortech has advanced culture and good working atmosphere. We respect our customers. We are very clear that customers are the foundation for the survival and development of Honortech. We respect everyone in the company, provide the employee with a sunny, open, equal and free working environment, and encourage all forms of innovation. In the practice of enterprise management, we strive to cooperate, share and grow together, so that Honortech, customers and employee can organically combine, so that everyone can enjoy the value created by Honortech's development.  
Honortech, make life better!
Focus on design-in solution and technical support


To provide customers with integrated solutions for high-performance components


Every partner is attentively accompanied.


Fast and precise service to every customer


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Every partner is attentively accompanied